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Candel Therapeutics acquired all of the Herpes Simplex Virus HSV based assets from PeriphaGen Inc
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Medigene dendritic cell vaccine presents the antigens WT-1 and PRAME
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Meissa Vaccines MV-012-968 is an investigational, live attenuated vaccine for protection against respiratory syncytial virus infection
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Moderna mRNA-1647 vaccine continues to increase durable immune responses after third dose exceeding natural cytomegalovirus infection levels
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VBI Vaccines hepatitis B vaccine Sci-B-Vac reports protection in older adults and in adults with key immuno-compromising conditions
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Temperate zone of the northern hemisphere reports respiratory illness indicators and influenza activity increasing
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Tumor microenvironments represent a significant barrier that restricts immune responses against cancer tumors and limits the efficacy of currently available immunotherapies
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HPV vaccination rates continued to increase over 5 years in the USA
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Enterovirus 71 vaccination led to a significant decline in Childhood Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease cases in China
Penn Medicine study reports mRNA vaccine was able to partially overcome the inhibitory effects of maternal antibodies in mouse pups